About NaturalTime365.us

Naturaltime365.us is an initiative started in 2019 to help us choosing a better clock time to live. This site was created late 2020 to shore up initiatives about ending time changes and returning to stable clock times. We favour good clock times for society and nature. Our public activity started early 2019 with a focus on Minnesota, subsequently extended to battlegrounds of California, Oregon, Washington state and to the nearby Canada. The subject of clock times in modern time seemed settled in 1884 at the convention of Washington. Unfortunately a Pandora box was open where each country, state, town, politician, citizen could think that clock time was artificial and just a convention. We have learned a lot since 1884 and also are facing existential challenges with Health, Climate, Pollution, biodiversity loss and disasters; we have learned that changing time is more a burden than a help; we have learned that artificially premature times are not healthy nor sustainable. Too many states, countries unecessarily live with clocks far from solar time, and are even thinking about doubling down in pursuit of mirages and frivolous interests. In 2020-21 we wish that the “chrono-pandemic” goes away as well as the corona one, that natural time zones emerge and improve our lives and future outlook.

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